What we do

We train and teach Traditional Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Sek Koh Sum style
Here are some disciplines of our varied art:
  • Guoshu (国术/国术"National Art")
  • Waigong (外功"external skills")
  • Yinggong (硬弓"external hardening")
  • Qigong (气功/气功" iner hardening ")
  • Neigong (内功" iner abilities")
  • Meditation (冥想"do nothing")
  • Wude (武德"martial art virtue")

Every student, young or old learns to concentrate, to control the body and mind, respect and deal responsibly with each other. They will be more confident, improve motor coordination, physical fitness and of course they will know how to self-defense.

Train with us

We cordially invite everyone over 6 years in our branches to take a sample training. The corresponding training times and exercise place can be found in the menu Schools.

Do you have any questions? Under Contact you will find contactform.

We look forward to welcoming you

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