First Chief Instructor Founder

Founder Sek Koh Sum was bom in China on the 1886 December, 27th. Originally named Lim Ah Hong (Nickname 'Flying Leopard'), after being a monk he changed his name to Sek Koh Sum. His Master is from China Southern Shaolin 48th Generation named Master Hui Jin. He had achieved the original Southern Shaolin Art from his master, which included Qikong and healing skill.

He was then asked to be the chief monk in one of the Indonesia Temple in Medan, in which he wrote to his master to ask permission of teaching Southern Shaolin Art. His permission was granted and so that is the start of Southern Shaolin art in South East Asia.

At that point of time, gangsters and bad guys are disturbing Singapore Shaolin Temple; they destroyed the temple and capture peoples that comes to the temple for praying. Sek Koh Sum was asked to be the Chief Monk of Singapore Shaolin Temple and prevent those happenings.

At the start, it was tough, as Sek Koh Sum did not sleep in the night to guard the temple. He was fighting with more than 30 people at the same time with only bare hand. The peoples were all shocked and fled away. Since then his name had been very well known and so he started to teach the entire monk self defense skill. No more happening again in Singapore Shaolin Temple again, all thanks to Sek Koh Sum.

2nd Chief Instructor

The club Founder cum 1" Chief Instructor Great Great Grand Master Sek Koh Sum appointed Great Grand Master Lim Joo Wah the 2nd Chief Instructor of Singapore Seow Tin San Athletic Association after he setting up and standardize the club system.

Since the age of 7, he had started to learn Shaolin Kungfu under his first master Mr. Lim Shui Chuan. During World War II, his first master Mr. Lim Shui Chuan went to Thailand and passed away not long after. His strong interest in learn martial art did not stop just like that, since then he started to trained under his father, who was a "Hong" Kungfu expert at that time. When he had grown up as a teenage, when Great Great Grand Master Sek Koh Sum came to Singapore Shaolin Temple, he went to be a layman disciple of Great Great Grand Master Sek Koh Sum.

"Fu Hu Lohan", this traditional art is the oldest art among all, and originally by Founder of Shaolin "Ta Mo" - Bodhi Dharma by his written book of old martial art. Altogether of 108 steps, that takes Great Grand Master Lim Joo Wah a very long time to fully master the whole art taught personally by Great Great Grand Master Sek Koh Sum. He was the only one that learns this art together with the "Ta Mo Chan " weapon of Bodhi Dharma. In which, after his passed down of the club, these two art was taught to the Chief Instructor of the club as a club treasure.

3rd / Present Chief Instructor

Grand Master Michael P. S. Thng is the present Chief Instructor of Singapore Seow Tin San Athletic Association (HQ). He had started learning Martial Art since he is 7 years old till now. The important traditional Art of "Fu Hu Lohan", Monkey Fist, Ta Mo Chan is lucky to be handed over to him by his Master Lim Joo Wah. During the 4th South East Asia Kungfu Tournament year 1976, he had brought back glory to the club by wining the championship being the first one in Singapore who had brings back the Championship Cup. A important page in the history book of Singapore Southern Shaolin.

He had been invited to all parts of the world to demonstrate his 'Iron' Fist breaking art. Weight around 218 pound jumping on raw eggs breaking a dragon urn of 1 inch thick had indeed shocked the Shaolin World. He traveled all around the world to promote and exchange idea of Southern Shaolin Kungfu with the entire expert around the world (including Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, America, England, Switzerland, etc...).

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